Saturday, December 17, 2016


I've been in a creative slump recently, not knowing what or where to post. But thinking about it I love having a blog and I love to take pictures and everything else is not worth worrying about.

Today I'm showing you what I did for my 22nd birthday. I went to Sketch with my best friend Olivia for afternoon tea. Everything was perfect, the food was pretty and tasty and the surroundings were beautiful and pink 💓☕️🍰💓. Today I'm travelling to Portugal for Christmas so I can't wait to take some film pictures out there. When I was there last April I posted this - a post made up of only polaroids. I loved the way it came out and I am thinking of doing something similar this trip too!

Before that, look out for a christmas themed post, London is beautiful at christmas time and I have tried to document it as best as I can! I am planning to edit those pictures today on my flight so no more absence from the blog!

All shot with Canon Sure Shot MAX.



  1. Já ouvi tanto sobre o Sketch em vídeos de youtube, quero tanto ir! :)
    Gosto mesmo muito de como fazes os teus posts e editas as fotografias, dá uma vontade de ler e de ver mais! Rock on!

  2. Looks so nice I've always wanted to go here!



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