Sunday, January 29, 2017

Montebelo Vista Alegre Hotel

During the christmas holidays my mum, my brother and I drove up to the Montebelo Vista Alegre Hotel in Ílhavo. Vista Alegre is a Portuguese porcelain manufacture that my mum is completely obsessed with. So when we visited the factory in the summer of 2015 and heard that they were building a hotel we knew that we had to go back. So that is exactly what we did. 

I hope you enjoy the following post and although the hotel is far from the main cities, it is so worth the journey. I can't wait to go back in the summer so I can actually use the outdoor pool!

The Room
Our room was absolutely beautiful. My mum was over the moon because everything was Vista Alegre. I loved that the TV was embedded into the mirror wall, such a modern touch. The bathroom was beautiful and big and the bubble bath I had was beyond relaxing. The view of the pool and the river wasn't that bad either! 😜

The Hotel 
Just like the bedroom everything else in the hotel was Vista Alegre. My mum and I couldn't contain our excitement. Since we arrived at the hotel at lunch time we went straight to the hotel restaurant and boy was the food good. There was also a tea salon/ coffee shop that was part of the hotel and we stopped there in the afternoon. I became obsessed with tea sets on this trip and I just wanted to bring all the tea cups and plates home with me.

The Factory
When the hotel was constructed, Vista Alegre also thought to build a factory showing the history of the company. Although many come to visit the factory on purpose, since we were guests at the hotel we were able to go for free. It was so amazing seeing all the beautiful porcelain from the 1800s. As a marketing student it was also really cool to see how much the brand image of Vista Alegre has changed since then.

The Location
Finally, since the hotel was located in Ílhavo, we were only 10 minutes away from Aveiro. How beautiful is this place!? They call it the Portuguese Venice ☺️ 

Most of these pictures were shot on a Praktica BMS and a Canon Sure Shot MAX but there are some iPhone pictures!



  1. As fotografias estão lindas, lindas! Se já tinha vontade de conhecer esse hotel...agora estou completamente apaixonada! Quero ir já, pode ser? :)

  2. otimo! gosto teu fotos! London doesn't have the beauty you captured here of Portugal.



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