Monday, April 17, 2017

Amsterdam Film Diary

Its been a while since these pictures were taken but I had so much fun in Amsterdam and I have so many recommendations that I had to make this post. 

For my birthday my brother bought me a plane ticket to Amsterdam. I had been before but Amsterdam is one of those cities that I would go again and again. We stayed at the Hoxton which was amazing, we visited all the galleries and we drank all the good coffee. Keep reading for recommendations on what to do, what to eat and where to stay!

TO DO & SEE...

Foam Gallery: Foam was really worth it. Happy I saw Ren Hang's iconic work and I really enjoyed Hiroshi Sugimoto's work.

Moco Museum: The Banksy & Salvador Dali exhibit was amazing.

Stedelijk Museum: Ed van der Elsken is probably my favourite photographer now.

7 Bridges: This area is beautiful, its very close to the Waldorf Astoria.


Catwalk Junkie: This place reminded me of Wildfox, really cute cosy pieces. 

ETQ: I travelled with my brother so we stopped off at some cool menswear shops.

Foto den Boer: A camera and film shop, a little out of the way but so worth it. Film was not too expensive and there were some film cameras at good prices.

Hombre: Bought a pair of Raf Simons x Adidas on sale. Super cool shop with a lot of cool trainers.

Mendo: A haven for coffee table books. 

OU. Boutique: A cute little boutique in the 9 Streets. 

P. C. Hooftstraat: Visit this street if you are in the mood for luxury shopping ☺️

Rika by Ulrika Lundgren: A cute little concept store.

Sissy Boy: On the ground floor of the Magna Plaza, it sort of reminded me of Anthropologie, definitely recommend! Found the Petit Passport Guides which made the visit super worth it.

We Are Labels: A very cool concept store that stocked one of my favourite skincare brands La Bruket.

Zoe Karssen: Amsterdam fashion house. A must stop. 


For Coffee: ☕️
Il Momento, Screamingbeans, Daily @ Magna Plaza

For food: 🍔🍜
Caldi e Freddi: Perfect for a quick bite while you are out exploring. I had a yummy tomato, pesto and mozzarella sandwich!

CT Coffee & Coconuts: Hands down my favourite place that I discovered in Amsterdam. We had food but its a very famous coffee shop in a converted cinema. A MUST.

De Mannen van Kaas: A perfect place to have a quick lunch. 

Fou Fow Ramen: The most amazing ramen and gyozas i've had in a long time! It was perfect after a rainy and cold day of exploring.

Pluk: Yummy breakfast & also a very cute store.


The Hoxton Hotel: The Hoxton was such a cool place to stay at. The environment was cool, the room was cosy and the food (room service & the hotel restaurant) was yummy. I wish we had planned our stay for a week earlier because Drake was staying there 😜.

All pictures shot on a Praktica BMS and a Canon Sure Shot MAX.


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  1. as tuas fotos são sempre tão dreamy!! e já pûs um marcador neste post porque vou à Holanda brevemente! Já estava a fazer planos de ir ao Moco Museum, agora tenho mais uns para a acrescentar à lista :)

    1. Obrigada Diana! :) Boa! Ainda bem que te ajudei de alguma forma hehe :)


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